Privacy policy

Filling in all personal data requested in the questionnaires on the website is completely voluntary yet necessary for the fluidity and agility in the communication with EXPLOTACIONES MARÍ, S.L. (EMSA HOTELS).

The data will be included in automated files which will be used to fulfil the purpose of EXPLOTACIONES MARÍ, S.L. and will be processed in a confidential manner both by EXPLOTACIONES MARÍ, S.L. and by any other entities who intervene in the agreement with the purpose and objective of the questionnaire. If the Internet user does not wish to include his data in these files or for them to be subsequently processed by computers, the questionnaire will not be able to be completed.

The Internet user may reach out to EXPLOTACIONES MARÍ, S.L. to consult, rectify or cancel the data provided. The Internet user can expressly authorise or overrule that the data may be preserved and used by EXPLOTACIONES MARÍ S.L. to offer other services and products.